Saturday, August 31, 2013

Things Be Movin' ,Creativity Be Flowin' , yet my ocean seems still....

Im across the talent bridge into the pit of fire....
Me workin' behind the scenes of a new Reality show coming soon with the lovely Jewelz

Greetings and Salutations everyone! It has yet been a very longtime since I blogged here. Where
I've been , where Im going , it truly is a journey to say the least . Well , first off a couple of months back was enough to jade a sweet lady like me, who is all giving and trying to get myself , and the models I work with out there . I knew going in that the chances of me getting burned by one of my models , was a strong possibility, and so that nightmare came and went . I got over it and got back on the horse and said who the fuck cares , Im alright and Karma will get those who do you wrong , if even that gal did me wrong. Its funny how some models think they can photograph better than you , and I say " Go right ahead, more power to yaz!" Since that reality came along , the model I had worked with got popular with the pin up world , apparently that didn't come from me? Of course not teehee! It all apparently came from her. Now all this has kept me humble and completely 100% real! I said to myself,"ok so you had nothing , absolutely nothing to do with that!"Funny cuz on facebook , so many people hit the like button on all your fotos you did of her in pin up THE MOST! But! NO! you had nothing to do with that, don't be silly nah! Since, I had stopped doing Pin Up , not because I didn't have any models, just wanted to do something new . So I started working with other models . Honestly, models with a more unique look , not any models I was just settling for, because I was desperate and didn't have a choice. Im very thankful for the work I did with this model , we did help eachother alot regardless of her aknowledgement of such , and I wasn't about exploitation of disrespecting women like the man she is working with that she replaced me with. I want to celebrate women. ALL WOMEN race creed , girls who have art on them that has a  beautiful meaning. I am very proud to say that all of the models I have worked with always tell me that they are happy to work with me , because Im a woman not goking at them like some horny man. I am a professional , who has experience in modeling because once upon a time , I was a model too . If anything that model made me harder and stronger . She asks me for the photos I did of her that you have seen . I say to that ," Really honey ? After the way you dogged me you seriously expect me to hand them over to you?" Well I will think about that one k? Im nice , but not that nice , we can pretend Im stupid sure . I remain civil and ignore the request as she ignored the fact she took all my connections and used them for her own photography work to give to the pin up magazines . It would have been nice if there was a thank you , but I already knew that thank yous dont exist in Los Angeles . Through all of this , this wasn't the only doggie style move that happen to me with a model . Their were other models that didn't come through book a photoshoot with me and last minute tell me , always the night before , that they couldn't do it , one even lied to me and said she got beat up by her boyfriend and couldn't do it cuz she was bruised the whole bit , then I saw her on facebook the next day talking about how great she was and pics of her with not one bruise and very happy . I've also had a designer totally excited to work with me , all of a sudden while we were collaborating stop talking to me and till this day I still dont know why . This my friends is Los Angeles . They don't call it La La Land for nothing people! I tell you this not to piss you off , make you jaded to try , but to get you to understand , its just the way it is . Basically some artists whether it be models,artists,designers , are really screwed up in the head , and they don't think they have done anything wrong to you whatsoever. So that you don't drive yourself crazy , you just let it go and move on to the next person willing to give you  a chance . You won't always be liked in this world, but people know when you still keep goin , and it scares them that you didn't let THEM affect you.

Where I have moved toward since being Dogged...

     Since being dogged as I call it , I kept going . On the day of one of my models cancelling on me the day before , my daughter tells me to go do a photoshoot with her , with her hairstylist . I was feeling a bit jaded that day , but told myself ," Why the hell not ! " I head out with my camera in hand , with my daughter , to Malibu Creek to meet up with her hair stylist , her name Lexie . We hike into the canyon and get to a pretty waterhole. I change my attitude around and enjoy what I so love to do . It was like the meditation I needed . All of a sudden all the jadedness melted away. Heres the photos that came from that day...

     This gal had no experience in modeling whatsoever . My daughter and I helped her and directed her to pose and I must say she did a great job , plus I learned something new that day . That you don't have to be with a professional model but that you can make a model if she is able and willing . Lexie did an awesome job , really nice gal , hope to work with her again soon!

Doors start to open after this shoot...

     The very first foto I posted up above , is what is happening now . One of my models named Jewels , who since my jaded spell now broken and I owe alot of it to her as well , she loved my work and really wanted to work with me and I with her , she has beautiful tats and shes a beautiful asian-american born and raised Los Angelina like myself so theres a bit of humble pie for this gal . I had taken fotos of her a month or two and she wanted to pay it forward by having me be her manager , she convinced me , it took alot of convincing , but I was doing it before I knew it . She invites me to go with her to this reality show , she got on and wanted me to go with her for support and to take behind the scene fotos . I said , Ok . We had also had a photoshoot scheduled and we were collaborating with a designer here in Los Angeles named Gypse Couture .
Jewelz behind the scenes of a reality show called Ratchet Queens.

Ratchet Queens , Annise , Atearin , and Jewelz.


This is where life gets interesting....

     After these shots were taken , Jewels tells me to go and show them to the co-producer of the show . I kind of get a lil hesitant cuz you know , don't want to get all hopeful , what if she thinks Im weird or what if I get in  trouble for taking them . So when Jewelz gets called in for her Q&A for the show , I go over to the co-producer and tell her look what I took. She sees them and says ," You did this back here in the lighting you had while we were workin in there?" I say, " Yes , I did " We exchange numbers and now , I will be doing fotos for the gals on the show and her too! Im still a lil shocked about it , and don't know really if its gonna happen ,but she has kept in contact with me and she really likes my work. Keep you posted in what happens there.

In the meantime I team up with Jewelz , make up artists Eva Maria and clothing design Gypse Couture and Vazquez Rocks . This is what we come up with .

photoshoot with an amazing team in Vazquez Rocks , Agua Dulce Ca.

I love this shot , one of my favs!

In conclusion to my moral of the story...

     You basically just have to snap out of it , except what is , how it went , move on and doors do open people! You will be hurt by those who have hurt you , but just like all pains in life , you heal , get over it and move on . Once your soul understands and excepts that , you are then rewarded . I was rewarded by the designer saying yes to work with me , the model honored to do it and the make up artists wanting to be a part of it . Without all this , it wouldn't have been possible . Thank you Universe,God, Oh halla! for letting me grow to realize , that to let it go and let art happen. Don't give up fellow comrads of the arts , don't let the people who say they want to work with you or stab you in the back take you down to where you just don't want to do it anymore . Get back up on that horse , cuz its not over till you say its over k?

                                   Thanks as always for listening , until next time

                                               MaryAnn from Zero aka  MaryAnn K. :)

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