Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Beginnings! Welcome to my film and photograpy world!

     Hello Greetings and Salutations! Welcome to my first post on my newest site , entitled , " Film & Photography by MaryAnn K.  

     I am so excited for this next step in my creative world. I have to say , its a bit overwhelming being that , if you would have asked me 3 years ago , if I thought for a second I would be doing what Im doing right now in my life , I would have just laughted at you and said , " No Way! " I started through the mixed media world on Youtube with artists such as Suzi Blu , Tam Laporte , & Connie Hozvicka to name a few. One day , I saw these ladies doing how to videos on Art Journaling for women , and how to heal yourself through mixed media art . I then joined these women on the journey of videomaking through  healing art , while I healed myself of the painful things that were going on around me in my life and helping others, I found that eventually I had healed myself without knowing it , I thought ; I need more? Something was missing. Then one day I was in my Youtube world and I noticed that alot of people had spoken how Los Angeles didn't have an artist community like New York has . I then did my research and decided I was going to attend the Los Angeles Artwalk that happens every 1st thursday of the month. I found that no one knew? Los Angeles not only has a art community but they even had streets in downtown L.A. that had signs sayin, " Gallery Row". I thought , " No one knows about this, its time I let the world know, that Los Angeles has tons of art and amazing artists in it !"

I find , " The Hive Gallery ! "

     One day I decide to seek out an artist , I start talkin' to an artist on facebook , I told her , I loved her art and would love to do a documentary on her as one of the artists here in Los Angeles . Her name is Yuki Miyazaki , she says , " sure! meet me at The Hive! " I then head out to downtown to meet her and I not only meet her , but she introduces me to the owner and curator of the gallery , he's known as the King Bee Nathan Cartwright. He then asks me , " Are you gonna film the night? " I said , " Sure! I'd love to thanks! After the video I had done for the art show the night I went , he told me he would like me to be a temporary artist resident , which started me on the next part of my artful journey.

My 1st video for The Hive Gallery show called, " Bee-rotica "

Where I'm at today 

     After a year of working with The Hive Gallery , I started working on a film collaborating with my
daughter , who is attending Cal-Arts . This film is a documentary piece with an artists here in Los Angeles named Amanda Sage .

What Im doing at this very moment 

     I have been working on a documentary on a place called East Jesus , here in Slabb City , California .
This piece is very precious to me . I have met so many interesting souls here . They inspire me , and I admirer them for the life they have chosen , because It takes a very strong soul to live the life they have chosen . I am always very humbled by this place and its people who live there. This place turned junk into art , and these people who live there protect this place , they loved the founder ,Charlie Russell who passed away in 2011 . Since then a friend , named Frank Redford , took on the job to keep East Jesus going in memory of his friend . 
     My photography will be displayed in Chocolat Art Gallery here in Los Angeles at there June 22nd show. I am honored and excited , for this is my very first art gallery show where Im showing my work , not just filming the show .

My photography work of East Jesus , that will be at the Chocolat Art Gallery on June 22,2012

                                                   This is one of the art views in East Jesus

This was the volkswagon van that Charlie travelled & lived in before finding East Jesus

                                This is the curator of East Jesus , an amazing guy, Frank Redford

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