Thursday, June 14, 2012

My photos on paper , and creating ART !!!

Onward & Upward to a place called , " Living my Dreams ! "

     Greetings & Salutations ! This is my newest blog , or I should say my film & photography blog. Again , I want to say thank you to those of you who stop by and read my thoughts on what I think lifes about . Theres alot of neysayers in the world , especially to us artists who fight to stay on the dream path . Everyday life , the " Usual Grind " can bring you down and test your mind . But remember , to smack yourself out of it and keep trekking along , don't give up , fight your sad thoughts about anything thats happening in your life thats bringing you down . Stay focused . You can't fail you , because the neysayers would love if you did & its not about THEM its about YOU!

     The last post I spoke about what I was up to . I am working on some photos to have displayed at an art gallery here in Los Angeles called , Chocolate and Art show . Very honored that they want my photography at their show . Its amazing! So Im not only giving them my photos to display but Im using my mixed media techniques I've learned through the years . I am making the frames all just... cool! I will show you as this creations evolves . As of right now , I have printed my photos , got them made at Kinkos I wanted quality printing , that I don't have yet , at home . They came out fantastic! Now I have painted acrylic paint , gold onto the ducks you can barely see it in this photo , but it will pop out once I put the apoxy resin all over it , its gonna be so neat can't wait!

     I hope that what Im doing will inspire you to realize that you can make your art come alive . The more you do , the more people will recgonize your talent , and before you know it , you have fans of your work , you start to get respect for it . Im not saying that theres not gonna be people or fellow artists that aren't going to judge you . That unfortunately comes with being an artist too folks ! Just keepin' it real here , but if you understand , that you wouldn't be tryin' if you didn't understand that its all part of it neway , then I still would be at home locked up in my desert house , just doing stuff and no one knowing about it . I say Hell with that! Tired of not letting myself out and seeing ,meeting people who feed me with their art , and passion for it , telling me their struggles in life to keep their dreams alive. I love knowing by stepping out of my shell , that Im not alone , and I have amazing friends who inspire and believe in me everyday.

     I will be posting real soon then next step of these photos soon , thanks again for listening and stopping by , it truly means alot.

                                                Hugs & Kisses ,

                                                    MaryAnn K.


  1. I'm so fuckin proud of u girl!! Total awesome what u have done an accomplished! You are an inspiration sweetie....makes me want to create : )

  2. Thanks sista! I hope this artful journey Im on inspires you to create , you are a very talented artists yourself love . You got to let the artist in you come out to play. : ) Thanks so much babycakes I love you so much! XOXO ! Thanks for stopping by.