Friday, May 17, 2013

I don't know what Im doing? Im just going along with it & just seein' what happens...

Just going with the motions of doing it & seeing what happens...

     Greetings & Salutations ! So many things keep going & I just go along with it & say to myself," Lets just see what happens ? " With this attitude I have been published in 7 magazines in the last 3 months & I have 3 other gals who would like to work with me,which Im really excited about . Alli-Cat has been amazing , shes fun to work with & earthy and really is a teamworker,Im so thankful to be working with her . Since Alli-Cat & I have been working together , we have got published in 7 magazines.These magazines have become fans of Alli & I's  work . Its a treat to go to my email and see them say they love my work & they can't wait to see more. On this magazine , I was emailed that they liked the photos I had sent so much , they wanted to also put them in their sister magazine Ink Pushers Magazine .

We got another full page layout!
Im excited because I don't know where Im going next , like I have said many times
in this blog , Im just going with the flow,getting my work out there & just doing it most of all . No one will know what you know how to do if they don't see it .I enjoy my work alot & Im always excited for my next endeavor,which I never know what that is until I come up with something or someone collaborates with me . It always is a joy & excitement when I take on a project. I will say this , I have tried twice to take my work to the next level for myself , but have failed because I dont trust in myself , I believe that when I try to work with outside sources , it seems to back fire on me , this is happened twice . I will try to get back up on that horse again ,with just me directing this in hopes that I will get my idea across , for I think its so simple yet when I get other people involved , when their not ready for it , it always doesn't work .Even though many have warned me not to work with this individual , I have a soft heart to this person and it really is a learning process for me at the same time , but I think I've learned. When a person trys to make threats to your work , what they don't understand , its not only you they are hurting , its a whole team of people who are taking their time out to work with you , and that person just doesnt care . All they care about is that you fail. I hope you will all learn from my mistakes , don't work with anyone who will hold your own project as a carrot to you. Its not right and most of all its not fair to you or your cast and crew. I hope next time I come back here to tell you that my last shoot went great! Wish me luck , and thanks as always for listening it means alot!

love always,
MaryAnn K.

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