Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dreams are always coming true , day by day you don't realize it , but its all happening...

Its all happening right in front of me

     Greetings & salutations ! Since I left you last , I have got into 3more magazines , found out that one of my documentaries got picked up and we are getting funding for , and Im working on yet another crazy idea , I hope runs smoothly. I always get excited when my work is in something . Remember , Im from Los Angeles , no one is very kind here . I've learned that its a good thing these people look down on me like Im a joke or what I get into isn't really real.It truly keeps me humble . So this magazine below Im very proud to be in.I am a featured photographer and thats something to me! When I look at the front cover and see what names my name is listed by , I am honored! These are not bad photographers at all! In fact , they are the greatest in the Pin up world! So I am so honored to be named as a featured artists by other amazing artists.

     If I can give any advice to those who feel intimidated by getting their work out there.
     It would be this ; you really have to have your mindset be , that you don't care what anyone thinks or says , thats just their opinion , their judgement. People are always gonna give you whats on their mind . You kinda have to have the ," I don't care what you say " ,attitude . Everyone will try to put doubt in your mind , make you question yourself .
      There are older women that I know , who studied in some of the top art schools here in Cali , they even have degrees in Photography . I think I piss off these people the most . These women , would constantly tell me , you have to take classes if you want to be taken seriously .This always put me in a mindset of , " oh well , I guess I won't do photography , I don't have the time or money to go to school". I learned by figuring out stuff myself.I watched my daughter on photoshop all the time and Youtube as you well know can be your best friend when you want to learn something ,theres always someone willing to show you .This is how I learned . I didn't need to become a professional , I just had to have the desire and passion to try , and look where I am now!Doing Pin Up photography and getting into fanzine magazines , I don't think Im doin' to badly LOL!

   I love what I do! No excuses not to try ,not to do it .People are always gonna try to tell you this person is better , or that they are better ,but what I find strange about the"Im better than you-ers", is that they talk alot of hot air and then when you ask them ," So what have you been doing with your photography" They bring out the thousand of reasons to why they haven't done anything , then give you a dirty look for asking and walk away.
Don't let people bring you down . I don't , I use to ,but I've grown to understand , just try and lets just see what happens yeah? What do you got to lose? I tried and now I have a make up artists , stylist , cinematographer and people who are kind enough to help me out. I am blessed and very greatful!

     Thanks as always for stopping by . I only want to let y'all know that no matter how cruel people get about your dreams , just keep goin' ignore those negative energies and you will fly!

P.S. Oh! You can buy this magazine here :

Classy Keen Magazine

                             Thanks for listening , I love you guys!

                                    MaryAnn K. :)

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