Monday, July 2, 2012

Can't Believe Im on my way !

           My first Art show with my photography/art & so much more comin' !

     Greetings and Salutations! So here it is everybody! I was so blowin' away when I walked into the art gallery and saw my photography and my artful frames . I didn't know what to expected because all this just happened so fast . I never really saw myself as a Photographer . Even though I've been a picture taker for many years , and people have always told me that I should be a photographer , Im always sayin', " Nah! I just do it for fun ! " I took myself seriously with my film work , Im very proud of myself with my film work . I can honestly say I see myself as a "Documentress ". I have always loved documentary films , so for me to be working on two documentaries at the moment , is the best feeling in my life. I thank my dear friend from high school Souixsie Hall , who saw my talent and kept pushing me to submit my work . I kept trying not to saying stuff like, " No , Im not professional , Im just a wanna-be artist." She then gave me an email and said , " Just submit something , see what happens ? " I said , " O.K. Suze I'll do it ." And well here I be , in a art gallery , thanks to Souixsie !

                   My high school friend , who believed in me Souixsie Hall .

     Its funny how you can step away from people , because you close yourself in , become a hermit because you feel that everyones just out to judge you because you believe in living artfully , and what I mean by that is , because you choose a life of selling your art . Living in the creative world . In society , well at least in the world Im in ; people don't take kindly to , " My kind ! " If Im not famous , if Im not making thousands of dollars selling my art , then . " IM NOT AN ARTIST! " Its that simple in  
" SOCIETY'S TERMS ! " Living in Los Angeles is also hard , there's lots of competition , alot of amazing talent !

                   My mother who was very proud of me in my endeavors

     I am not very close to my mom . As much as I would love to be , her and I have always had our differences through the years . I always remember how much she loves me , when I told her what I'd been up to , she was shocked to see that I did this . I have never really given her anything to be proud of me for  , it was nice to give a little bit of that.

    In conclusion to this chapter and off to the next chapter in this artful journey , I've learned I have to stop believeing that this is all impossible or that Im not good enough . Maybe thats how an artists always feels. The lesson Im learning , is it doesn't matter if you think your not good enough , what matters is that you tried and see where that takes you ; because if you don't try , you'll never know. Im proof of that . Look at this photo I took , my work is on a wall with other amazing artists that Im proud to be beside them , and theres people looking at my art and walking by my art , and buying my art . I had sold one of the photos there that night . What an experience to remember an my artful world has only just begun .

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