Saturday, September 8, 2012

What I've been up to lately Boyz & Gurlz!

Darla Foster

     What Im doing & what Im about to embark on, you ready?

     Greetings & Salutations ! It has been a while since the last time I blogged me thoughts on whats been goin' on . This is a fairly new blog , so please bare with me in getting it up and running . Since my East Jesus experience , since all the art shows , since my photography became a reality , since becoming a RAW artist of Los Angeles , opportunity came knockin' at my door . I am blessed . I have two photoshoot projects and recently got asked to work on another so now three . Do I honestly know what Im doing ? NO! I go with the flow , but most of all I love the challenge . Theres no denying now that I do good work , that people genuinely love my work . You can sit there and contemplate on , "How can this be ? " or " What ? People like this stuff ? " If the people who like your work , tell you this and want to work with you , then why think dought ? I realize I have this amazing ability to capture a subject in my third eye Iris and create a beautiful photo . Its the greatest feeling in the world!

     I am so excited to be working on my most recent project with a team of woman that are major talents in my eyes . Its an honor to be working with these gals . What is even more amazing is that they feel the same about me . I will be working on this photoshoot , and a short film on the story of this shoot . Im not gonna give away any of the details , cuz I want it to be a surprise! I will be submitting these photos to some magazines so excited to see if they get on the cover , that is the goal ! The other photoshoot Im doing , as of right now , I don't know what thats going to be just yet . The model has put together a group of us to do this project so I will keep you posted on that .

     In the meantime , I have been just taking my camera out to play and on this outting  , my camera Iris and I went to band rehearsal LOL! Yes amoungst all my crafts I am also a musician in a rockband . While we went to my drummers house , which is literally right around the corner , while the guys set up and get warmed up I will , step outside and hang out with the drummers wife Darla . Her and I have a good time talkin , she introduces me to her horses a really cool gal . What I love about photography is getting to know my subject , I don't know if its because I always film people , when I've been at The Hive , but I guess Im just realizing I like to get to know people and capture their true essence of their being . While I was chatting with Darla , I got this shot of her talking to me , I feel I captured her naturally without having to try to pose for the shot at all , just comfortable hangin' out shot. Darla is a true cowgirl as you can see from the picture above .

Portrait shot of Darla
     Inconclusion to me thoughts , as a dreamer , to other dreamers out there that are afraid to try , or you make tons of excuses to why you can't , all I want to say is you can! Make the time , stop getting in your own way , and just DO IT!!! Practice is all you need and applying yourself is the key . The doors are open in the Universe right now , walk through , I promise you won't be disappointed . I walked through those doors and I am doing , and its the best feeling in the world!

     Thanks for listening , it means alot !

                                Maryann K. : )


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