Thursday, July 26, 2012

Where Im at ,at this moment...

     I have become a RAW natural born artist of Hollywood !

     Greetings & Salutations ! Since the last I left you , I had been doing my first art show , and now Im doing my second art show with an organization called RAW natural born artists . They have these all across the nation , theres one in Chicago , New York etc. all cities nationwide. Hit the Raw linky to check out there site and submit your work , from art,painting,photography,music,performing arts , if your talent is any of these catagories , you can submit your work an if they think its the shstuff you will be a featured artists at there show. They have these shows every month.

     Honestly , I can say , I wasn't expecting my life to go from just an idea to step out of my shell heading out to a art gallery in Los Angeles , trying to do a documentary on artists of L.A. to becoming a photographer/artist in an art show a year later . Like I have said before in past blog posts , I have never really thought of myself as a photographer. Now , on my second art show , that really is a special one to me being its in Hollywood my hometown at a club I use to hang out in when I was a young hottie rocker girl back in the 80's , I realize that I AM!! Just because many may look at you like,"who are you?"," your not what you say you are , you have no experience " , is a bunch of bullshit! Excuse my language , Im just very passionate about how I feel about neysayers saying this to artists with dreams. I just want to say , I am proof that you are , who you say you are , if you believe it , and you work toward it and the work is evident , then YOU ARE AN ARTISTS !!! I am here to tell you ,those who laugh at you or snub you , just don't believe in dreams ; because anyone to tell you negative thoughts on something you love , well they have never dream't a day in there life , and I hate to say it thats most of society . We live in a world where its about what your occupation is ,how much money you have , keeping up with the Jones's , how big your house is , what kind of car you drive . None of this stuff matters to an artists with dreams . We will live in a box to fulfill the dream , we will starve for the dream .

    In conclusion to my thoughts and everything that is going on in my life ; to all artists who battle with societies thoughts on what is a REAL ARTIST . I say to you this , IM DOING IT! Bottom line . If I can do it , so CAN YOU! I didn't go to school for photography; honestly the last class I had in photography was when I was in high school , that was over 20yrs ago ! So there you go ! If you are out here in Los Angeles , please join me at this art show , it would mean alot ! We'd have a fun time . Here's a link where you can buy tickets , remember ! august 10th ! 8pm-11pm Hope to see you there!

& this linky to my RAW ARTIST PROFILE

                                           Thanks for stopping by and listening it means alot! : )

                                                                XOXO  Maryann K.

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