Friday, October 5, 2012

Stuff I've been doing & whats coming ahead...

The Gals from the short film entitle Candy Girl.

My photography world is getting interesting...

     Greetings & Salutations my friends! I had just started this blog not to long
ago , & I guess I've really been busy making my craft to the next level . Im having so much fun , Im meeting very cool people who enjoy my photos and I've also met amazing photographers that inspire me along with all the people Im inspiring. If this is all I give & get back the most amazing feeling of joy, I am truly blessed & satisfied!
     The photos Im showing today are from a project I did with a team of amazing young talented girls. All in their early 20's , come together to bring the vision of the filmmaker of this project creative director & writter of this short by Krystal Rose , my daugther . : )   I document this story  behind the scenes to capture these photos along the way. What I love about what Im looking for with my third eye Iris my camera; is I like to capture the actor, the model , in their truest form , this just looks so natural , because it was natural.

Candy Girl : Madeline M. / Blonde Candy Girl : Madliene Sweeney

     I had no idea what I've been capturing when I first started with my "3rd eye Iris" . What I did know is that , if I saw something interesting, I was gonna catch it; and I think I found something in this photo , friendship.

     This one is a favorite . The make up and background really worked well together. I also had a beautiful model , Madeliene is such a sweet gal , and she loved workin with me .

           This is The Candy Girls with a street musician in Hollywood .

     Whats happening next with MaryAnn K. Photography ?

     Well , I have got alot of fun ideas , Im just running with my imagination ; so it's always exciting . Im now taking on the pin up world and just see if anything happens . I also love the fantasy whimsical stuff as well and the Goth scene is pretty cool to me too! So Im excited to be working with a bunch of beautiful models , inside and out . I know these women as artist , and various ladies I meet out in about , like at Pin Up parties , I will ask to be my models as well. So very excited to show you what else I can do. Im really enjoying this craft. I really love photography. : )

     Thanks for listening as always , it means alot , more to come of whats happening with MaryAnn K. Photography .

                            Peace & Love !

                          MaryAnn K.

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