Friday, April 12, 2013

Its all going on ! Im on that train and lovin' it!

Greetings & Salutations !!! So much to speak about...
This be The MaryAnn K.
Theres so much goin' on I must tell....

     I am so excited to tell you so many things it's just so overwhelming . I decided since Im gonna be telling you so much awesome goodness , that I would have a glass of wine , so I am slightly tipsy while telling you whats been goin' on , with my journey . Well for starters , I did a military pin up shoots for a pin up magazine that I have been in before with the lovely Dominque Lopez , called Delicious Dolls Magazine .This was a special issue and I must say I am very proud to be a part of , because this issue will be going to the troops out overseas fighting for our freedom , so it is an absolute honor to be a part of this I must say ! 

Very honored to be in this issue , this to me is the true meaning of "Pin Up"

     I love what I do . Being that I have no schooling in film and photography , I just learned this all on my own , it is so exciting to know that when you set your mind on something you love and you do the work it takes for people to notice , it pays off. My mother , a lady with values very much like a pin up in the 50's , she thinks very much in the terms of , if you aren't gettin' paid , well then it isn't really real . I disagree! There are so many professional photographers and models in this magazine , so I don't agree with that idea of thinking . I feel so blessed that Rene Soliz of Delicious Dolls thinks my works worthy enough to be in this magazine , and thats golden to me!

Im sure you have met my model ,whose been a hit in the pin up world the lovely Miss. Alli Cat .

     I met Alli on facebook . She had saw some of my work and we started talkin' I then asked her if she would like to do a photoshoot with me cuz I thought she had ,"the look" she said , " Sure! Lets do it! " I was so excited ! So we started doing shoots for themes that were being asked by these magazines .Our work paid off , since we have got into about 3 to 4 and we are a great team . She understands it needs to be fun and most of all we need to trust one another . Finding a model to team up with is very difficult here in L.A. , I have noticed that no one really trusts anyone out here , they fear being taken advantage of , which can be a major problem .Alli and I are a great team and we love the challenge , so blessed and grateful to be working with her.

Meet my newest Model Miss. Ashley Ulery , my blonde bombshell !

I met Ashley at The Coachella Music festival about 3yrs ago .

     Ashley and I always have a blast hangin' out at the Coachella fest every year. I had always told her I wanted to work with her, but we just could never make it happen.When she saw what I was doin' I had told her I would love to do a shoot with her in pin up , and she said she'd love to . This was our first shoot . I must say it was a great one and she got into the same issue as Alli , so this was bitter sweet both models in the military issue . Who can say Im not trying ? Who can say Im not doin' it ? I think the proof is in the magazine and photos peoplez don't ya think?

In conclusion to this amazing time in my life

     I will say Im having the time of my life ! I have a direction of where Im goin' with my documentary pieces . To keep me motivated and hold my head up high with my high self-esteem I have now , life is beautiful , Im living my dreams , making them happen , I have the support of my soulmate Dave that I am so thankful to have on this journey of life , and I have my daughter who sees that it is possible to get noticed for your work , being she is talented in the same field film/photography but was so discouraged by everyone around her . I have given her hope to get back and do what she loves. I have a wonderful granddaughter Zan who tells me everytime she sees me , how much she loves me. All I have to say is , its all up hill from here! I am blessed , I am thankful , I am happy and feel my life is fullfilled.

     Don't stop believen' , dreamin' , you will make it happen with hard work , I know cuz I have done it. The proof is right here in front of you and if I can do it , guess what? 


     Thanks for listening as always , it really means alot . Til next time


                        MaryAnn K. :)  XOXO!!!

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