Monday, July 23, 2012

Joining Promise Tangeman on a Random Kind of Monday !


     Greetings & Salutations ! Its a Random Kind of Monday

     Hello everyone ! Today I was surfing around the net , and saw Promise Tangeman's post on her Random Kind of Monday, so she asked us to join her and I thought , why not! I hope you'll join her on this, its really fun and spontaneous , shes a fun gal I can tell , and very talented check her blog here at this linky k ?Random Monday with Promise

     So here we go with the Random thoughts of The Maryann K :

                       I didn't know I was a photographer until now , it took being in two art gallery shows to 
                       realize it ( I kid you not ! ) LOL!

                       I just found out a couple of days ago that my father is 3yrs younger than my mom , when
                       I was always told all these years he was older than my mom , my mom was 21 when she
                       had me so you do the math ( no wonder he took off , he was 18! )

                       I realized that I want a Jeep Wrangler or Sport vehicle , Oh yes , it will be mine ! 
                       determination gets you there , I will have it ! 
                      I love when people like my work , its  good feeling . I like having fans of my work.

                      I don't like when its extremely hot outside , it makes me imagine Im on Mars .

                      My cat is like a dog ( everyone thinks this of there cat LOL!)

                      I met my hubby in the late 80's , we were rocker/metallers so we had the crazy rocker hair
                      the whole bit with the clothes you name it , and we met at a rock club in Hollywood he 
                      was the singer in the band that played that night .

                      I love filmmaking ! I want to make films like Rob Zombie's Devil's Rejects . yeah , I 
                      Im sick LOL!

     There it is! My randomness for this Monday ! Everyone swing over to Promises blog and join in the fun , its fun to participate in random . Have an awesome day and thanks for stopping by .

                                        Maryann K.



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